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About Us

Company Misa Agapy is a privately held communication company based in US. Its main activity is to provide quality global communications services.

Misa Agapy partners with leading telco carriers and operators to deliver quality telecom services. Our mission is to offer broader range of high quality services at the lowest possible prices.


» Egypt Mobile is now 9.5 cent/min

» Take advantage of the best service with no additional charges other than the min charge

» All minute are 60 sec not less

» No charge for calls not connected

» PC to Phone is now ready for use

» Secure Tunnel Services is provided

» Syria 12.9 cent/min

» Jordan 2.9 cent/min

» UAE 15.9 cent/min

» Lebanon 9.9 cent/min

» Philippines 11.9 cent/min

» Nokia Mobile Dialer is Available

» Iphone Dialer is Now READY look for MACGT on iTunes Store

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